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-Megan voices Season 1 of the Emotion Motion Podcast through the Move This World Audio Network. The Emotion Motion podcast brings listeners on a journey through storytelling for children and their families to express their emotions through movement and creative expression.

Check it out here!


-You can currently catch Megan on the animated television show "Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains!" as the voice of EMMA/GHOST GAL, running on PLUTO TV.  Emma/Ghost Gal makes her first appearance in Season 1, Episode 3!




-Megan currently serves as a Teaching Artist/Program Coordinator for Rosie's Theater Kids, which is Rosie O'Donnell and Lori Klinger's non-profit bringing musical theatre to students from NYC public schools. Check out RTKids and get involved in this wonderful organization!

-Have you seen the award winning web series (un)balanced: a web series ? It was written and produced by Megan, so CHECK IT OUT!



-Here is Megan's newest voice-over spot for Ascent Protein, featuring NFL running back Christan McCaffrey


-Back at it! This past June, Elliott and Megan shot more content for Move This World, bringing mindfulness and social and emotional learning to schools and communities across the country.


-Check out the short film Megan directed, BFF with NikoFrank Productions below:

-Take a look at blog articles on the website Such A Voice, where Megan offers advice on voice-over technique:

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Voice-Over Rates: Knowing Your Value and What to Charge



-This summer Megan served as First AD on the web series CITY BOYZ created by the talented (un)balanced Director Cory Stonebrook and the fabulous Chad Burris. The series has now been released! Check it out here and take a look at the trailer below!


-This June Move This World teamed up with Good Brother Production Company to shoot new digital tools with Megan and Elliott Chisholm as the hosts once again! Megan is loving her work with MTW, continuing to bring mindfulness and social and emotional learning into schools across the country.


-Excited to announce (un)balanced: a web series WON THE BEST WEB SERIES AWARD at KATRA FILM SERIES! This win includes a one year membership to the New York Women in Film and Television. Thanks to Katra Film Series, NYWIFT, our Director,DP, Lighting/Sound, Editor, Cast, Crew and Supporters!



-New sketch called TASTING NOTES featuring UCB Comedians Becky Chicoine and Evan Hoyt, written by Cory Stonebrook and Produced by NikoFrank Productions!


-Check out my NEW Voice-Over Reel which includes many of my recently booked spots including my national commercial for Lay's Poppables, Smirnoff, eBay, Birchbox and more!