I believe in the power of the arts to uplift others and foster empathy, collaboration and confidence. I am  a strong advocate for Arts Education as well as an equal and quality education for all. I am a teaching artist specializing in Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre. Currently, I am the Artistic Program Coordinator and Teaching Artist for Rosie's Theater Kids, located in Midtown Manhattan and I travel to public schools throughout the NYC area through our program PS Broadway, bringing musical theater to public school 5th graders.

As a coach, I have coached students all over the country in voice-over technique and my blog posts can be found through the Such A Voice Blog.

I am also the co-host for digital tools used across America for Move This World, an organization devoted to using creative arts methods to foster Social and Emotional Learning and mindfulness to create a safe educational environment and community. Through this organization, I have led many professional developments for teachers across the country to implement these exercises in their classrooms, lives, and communities. 

I strive to be challenged as an artist, actor and educator, as well as work with other passionate people to create work that uplifts, fosters empathy, connects us as a global, national and local community, examines issues within our society and challenges the status quo.

Below are organizations I have worked with as a teaching artist and coach, feel free to view my teaching resume here. 








Megan MacPhee

"Megan is passionate about her creative work with young people, an energetic and imaginative member of our teaching faculty, consistent, positive, caring, and devoted.  She is always looking to develop as a teacher and a member of our creative community; she accepts feedback openly and is thoughtful about integrating new ideas into her classes.  Megan is a true team player; she collaborates effectively with other teaching artists, communicates well with families, and is always willing to take on more challenges and special projects.  At the end of every program session in our Kids Company Showcase class, after the culminating performance, Megan and her co-teacher share some reflection on each student with the families.  In these beautiful offerings, her thoughtful reflection on each individual student truly highlights her strength and excellence as an educator."  - Amanda Selwyn, Director of Community Arts Dept. West Side YMCA


"Megan was a constant joy to work with. She is a person of maturity and integrity, charm and humor, completely cooperative with colleagues and teachers alike. I can recommend her without reservation as one of the best I’ve taught. " - Dr. Eugene Galvin, Catholic University of America Voice Faculty


"I have come to Megan for advice so many times about my career - whether it be headshots, song choice advice, or how to talk to agents.  I trust her knowledge of the business. She has never led me in the wrong direction with her advice and has a great deal of professional experience. I always feel confident in myself and my choices after I've spoken with her." Brittany Jeffery, Actor National Tour of TITANIC